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Introducing the ultimate solution to help your child break free from oral habits and embrace a healthier lifestyle - the Oral Habit Breaking Guide, meticulously crafted by a dynamic duo of dental hygienists with specialized training in myofunctional therapy, Michelle Quinto and Chantal Duhaime.


Are you tired of struggling with thumb sucking, nail biting, or other oral habits that may impact your child's oral health and self-esteem? Look no further! Our 20-page comprehensive guide offers a holistic approach designed to empower both parents and children on their journey to oral habit elimination.


Inside this expertly curated guide, you'll discover:


🎮The Game-Plan: A step-by-step roadmap outlining proven strategies to tackle oral habits effectively.
💡Tips & Strategies: Insider tips and techniques from experienced dental hygienists to address habit triggers and promote positive behavior change.
🎁Rewards System: Engaging reward ideas to motivate and incentivize your child throughout their habit-breaking journey.
📚Book Recommendations: Handpicked resources to further enhance your understanding and support your child's progress.
🎨Fill-in Worksheet: A specially designed worksheet for kids to personalize their habit elimination plan, encouraging ownership and collaboration with parents.
🗓️30-Day Habit Tracker: Track progress and celebrate milestones with our printable habit tracker, making the journey towards healthier habits tangible and rewarding.
🌬️Breathing & Mindfullness Exercises: Bonus exercises to promote relaxation and mindfulness, supporting overall oral and mental well-being.

🏅 Printable Certificate: Celebrate your victory with our exclusive printable certificate! Customize it with your child's name and proudly display it as a testament to their bravery and determination.


Michelle Quinto and Chantal Duhaime bring their wealth of expertise and passion for oral health to every page of this guide, ensuring you receive trusted advice and guidance every step of the way. Invest in your child's oral health journey today!

Habit Breaking Guide- Stop Thumb Sucking


    • 📎 File Format: This enchanting guide comes in PDF format, ensuring compatibility with all your devices for easy access and printing.
    • 🚫 Not for Resale: Please note that this guide is intended for personal use only and may not be resold or distributed without explicit permission from the creators, Michelle Quinto and Chantal Duhaime.

    • 🩺 Consultation Recommended: While we, Michelle Quinto and Chantal Duhaime, are experienced dental hygienists with specialized training in myofunctional therapy, it's important to note that we are not medical doctors. We highly recommend consulting with your healthcare provider or pediatrician before implementing any strategies or exercises outlined in this guide, especially if your child has underlying medical conditions or concerns.
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